New Amsterdam (2018) me Titra Shqip: Sezoni 5

Sep. 20, 2022
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After a tumultuous year that saw dramatic change in leadership, the idealistic and beloved Dr. Max Goodwin is back at the helm of NYC’s oldest public hospital. He must first address his own personal life, which was thrown into uncertainty with the collapse of his relationship with Dr. Helen Sharpe. Max and the team will forge ahead with optimism and a renewed commitment to their own lives – reaching for more joy and forging deeper connections with the people they love.

Dr. Bloom will continue to navigate a complicated relationship with her estranged sister, Vanessa. Dr. Frome will tackle the mess he has made of his marriage to Martin. And, after a year full of significant family developments, Dr. Reynolds will continue to sort out the relationship with his long-lost father, Horace. Finally, Dr. Elizabeth Wilder, who joined the staff last year, will continue to build on her firm foundation as a critical member of the New Amsterdam team and a vital friend and confidante.

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